February Newsletter

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February Newsletter

Postby Dale Leonard » 28 Feb 2018, 18:25

Departmental Newsletter
February 2018


Welcome to March. The month of February has seen many changes to the department with an influx of students into our Academy, the addition of a volunteer system, the addition of an ambulance crew system, event supervision being made to the public and a mass removal of members who fail to show dedication to the department. The department has undergone multiple changes, however we've pulled through with a successful month that we can be proud of. We've managed to gain a few reinstatements of previous employees and induct a few employees that have displayed brilliance within the Fire Officers team, all of which are making significant progression and helping to maintain a stable department and allow the consistent output of quality services. The month of February has been one to be proud of, and we can't wait to pull through March and achieve a similar outcome, if not better.



We've achieved six new additions to our line-up of apparatus; three medical motorcycles and three medical bicycles. These will be used in coordination with our new event supervision service to allow events hosted by the public to be handled with extreme swiftness and efficiency. Furthermore, they'll be utilised by our Community Relations division to allow for their events to be fully supervised by experienced and qualified medical staff without the need for a bulky Rescue Ambulance or Fly Car. All six vehicles are equipped with BLS equipment to allow for the quickest medical care possible. This will allow for the stabilisation of patients to the fullest extent until further medical assistance arrives, however events are unlikely to need further medical assistance unless extreme injuries are acquired, which further develops the efficiency of these vehicles.



The quality of our medical and firefighting services is extremely important to myself and the entirety of the supervisory team of the department. We want our public to feel safe and secure in the hands of our EMTs. As of late, it has come to my attention that the public do not feel as though the Fire Department do an appropriate job when on scenes and treating those who are in dire need. I can state with great pleasure that the quality of our medical services are of only the highest and most knowledgeable quality within the state. Our medical services teach for every single possible situation; midwifery, intraosseous drug administration, cricothyrotomy, intravenous drug administration, rapid sequence intubation, chest needle decompression (primary spontaneous pneumothorax, secondary spontaneous pneumothorax, catamenial pneumothorax, traumatic pneumothorax, iatrogenic pneumothorax, tension pneumothorax, etc.), intramuscular drug administration, advanced airway management and more. We also teach proper medical terminology that advances beyond any previous versions of the department to inform our employees of the full extent of their necessary medical training; sinus tachycardia and bradycardia, sinus arrest, atrial and ventricular fibrillation, paroxsymal supraventricular tachycardia, eupnea, bradypnea, apnea, dyspnea, hyperpnea, hyperinflation, pulseless electrical activity, trepopnea, ponopnea, acute respiratory distress syndrome, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, pulmonary embolism, etc. I hope the quality of our services is fortified in the minds of the public within the next month so that the extensive training that each of our employees go through does not go unnoticed and unnecessary, however it brings me a slight sense of joy that our employees haven't had to utilise such advanced treatment; this means that the general health of the public is increasing and harsher conditions that require such extensive treatment is not necessary.



In the recent months, RCFD has been notably lower than the community seems to need. To help combat this issue we have been increasing our attempts at community outreach and even began a new "Volunteer" system that allows members of the Red County community to help us when we need it. The activity, recently, has been growing more and more due to a recent rise in accepted applications. We always strive to help our community when they need it most, and we are always striving for improvement in activity. Along with recruitment outreach, our internal activity of divisions has also been slightly revamped to increase the productivity and deployments of divisions. Since the date of 01FEB18, we have left only 4 911 calls unaccounted for, and 3 of those calls were believed to be hoax calls due to the triangulation of the location of the call as well as the reported location of that call along with the withholding of information and the name of the caller.



Our recent efforts in applications have proven benifical as we went through a period of time where we saw an increase in applications by over 450% in a one week timeframe. We are currently see a "better-than-ever" rise in community interest with our department. Our recruitment process has an average of 8 hours for responding to applictions as well as completing the next steps of our recruitment process hand-in-hand with each other to eliminate the delay to the hiring process.

Our R&T team holds great pride in stating our recent batches of academy students are being held to an even higher standard required to pass our academy stage. We have decided as a group that our recent lack in knowledge within previous NCO teams needed to be addressed, and where better to start than our very own academy. Since the change, we are extremely happy to report that our NCO team and probationary members show great potential in exceeding our standard expectations.



Recently, the Red County Fire Department decided to invest in refurbishing the current rescue ambulances in order to make them:
  • More sterile;
  • More inline with traditional EMS colors for aesthetic ease;
  • More equipped;
  • More spacious;
  • More fashionable; and
  • More efficient.
Our investment returned excellent results, with each of our units being fitted up with a clean and sleek new design to allow all of our patients to experience the most comfortable form of transport to hospital. The design comes with an easy turquoise color and comes fitted with a stretcher, two benches, compartments for EMS apparatus and a built-in ECG (Lifepak) which allows for EMTs or Paramedics to provide treatment throughout transport for the optimal stabilisation in pre-hospital care. This addition clocked the department around $429,999 per unit, totalling at $4,299,990 for the entirety of our fleet to be remodelled.

(( This interior can be accessed by pressing Y or using /enter whilst inside of the ambulance. You can then exit the interior with H or /exit. The purpose of this interior is to allow members of the faction to roleplay with you during transport, as well as to fit more than two people into the back of the ambulance and to allow for a much more aesthetic and immersive transportation. ))

Hopefully you won't have to take a ride in the back of an ambulance anytime soon but, if you do, at least your transportation will be more pleasant due to our investment.



During the month of February, the Fire Department received a substantial amount of reinstatement requests compared to other months. Overall, the department received sixteen reinstatement requests, fifteen of which were successful or are still pending. Out of those fifteen successful reinstatement requests, three of them were offered & reinstated into Fire Officer positions within the department. This, combined with the immense amount of applications received during the month, has resulted in a massive boost to the amount of people employed by the Red County Fire Department to assist the public. Zeke Swiger, our new Battalion Chief, was reinstated as a Fire Captain. Caroline Shay, who is no longer in the department, and Jamie Cole both also reinstated as Fire Lieutenant and Fire Captain respectively. Meanwhile, the others were offered positions ranging from Probationary Firefighter up to Firefighter II. This increase in employment surely shows a bright future ahead, as people have been noticing the vast improvement within the department and wish to return to their duties.



Late February, an Event Supervision system was implemented by Fire Chief Richard Bleakley. Supervised and handled entirely by the Community Relations division, this program allows members of the public and other organizations to request the Fire Department to oversee any events they may be planning, such as marathons or races. The Community Relations division will dispatch assigned EMTs and Paramedics to the event on specialized units chosen for the specific type of event to be able to provide rapid medical care to anyone who requires it on scene without having to wait for a bulky Rescue Ambulance to arrive first. This allows for quick assistance provided by the Fire Department who're already on scene. Implemented only a few days ago, we've already received a request for an event to be supervised and the Community Relations division is handling it. Hopefully medical care won't have to be provided, but if it does, we'll be ready!



Earlier in the month, I decided to carry out two surveys; one internal survey and one community survey. My aim of these two surveys was to gain an insight of how the community is viewing the faction and how the members are viewing the faction on two separate terms, as inside views will always differ from outside views. The results of these two surveys will be discussed throughout this section, however I'd like to state that all trollish or purely toxic responses were removed due to the obvious nature of immaturity.

Internal Survey Results
Are you happy with the current state of the faction?Image

Out of all the responses, not a single person was happy with the current status of the faction. This was expected due to the inactivity of the faction, but the job of the CFO team is to now find out what is causing such unhappiness. The purpose of going on-duty is to roleplay. If you're going on-duty simply to respond to calls alone and not be able to roleplay with any other RCFD members, you won't enjoy your duty time and you'll feel as though you're forced to go on-duty simply because of the mandatory duty reports. The obvious point is to increase activity and promote passive roleplay within the department. Our Fire Officers team has received a boost in activity to encourage lesser-ranking members to get on-duty and become noticed to allow them to strive towards a promotion. Furthermore, the status of our divisions is current negative, but is gradually increasing. Divisions encourage diverse roleplay for members of the faction, which allows for people to explore more than just the usual medical or firefighting roleplay that they've grown so used to. Repeating the same roleplay over and over again will always lead to a demotivational resignation. For ease of our members, I've listed the divisions and the type of roleplay they offer here:
Fire Investigations - Investigative roleplay, separate from both medical and firefighting;
Community Relations - Publicity and event roleplay, as well as press releases;
Professional Standards Bureau - Investigative roleplay and authority practice;
Special Operations - Water Rescue, Tech. Rescue, Ice Rescue, etc; and
Aviation Support - Both aerial EMS and firefighting combined.

Are you happy with the current Fire Chief?

I ensured the survey was anonymous to allow questions like these to be answered truthfully. Thankfully, the internal survey concluded that all responses are in favor of my myself as Fire Chief. This gives me sincere confidence in leading the faction to succession and gaining activity due to their trust in me.

Are you happy with the current Deputy Chief?

This question concluded an uncertainty in the current Deputy Chief of the faction, likely due to their lack of experience. I've personally spoken to them to ensure that they're made aware of such a result and explained ways to improve, such as showing initiative in terms of creative ideas and having the ability to implement them without needing me to hold their hand.

Are you happy with the current Fire Officers team?

This question concluded another uncertainty in the current Fire Officers team. This was likely due to their inactivity, with many of the team focusing on forum work or on Leave of Absence. This resulted in a lack of activity and motivation in the Fire Officers team, which rubbed off on the NCO team and prevented them from having confidence to get on-duty.

What do you like about the faction?

Some of the responses to this question included:
  • I like that this faction pushes to teach its members the basic concepts of RP, and allows them to better their RP skills while they are in this faction.
  • I can meet a lot of people and learn a lot of stuff.
  • The fact I'm able to role play something that nobody else is interested to.
  • The roleplay that it offers everyone.
  • I love the roleplay and the atmosphere that emanates from it.
  • The members and the roleplay.
  • I like that it has gotten a lot of more improvements since new staff has been employed and the department's progress is way better.
Obviously, roleplay is a huge factor in the members' will to stay inside of the department, however a focus is also shown towards members. This puts further stress on the fact that people love the roleplay but simply don't have many people inside of the department to practice such roleplay with. This is enforced in the next question.

What do you dislike about the faction?

Some of the responses to this question included:
  • This faction is notorious for its Inactivity, and I don't think the Duty Report limit is helping to resolve it much. This faction needs to get people to want to come on duty, not because they have to.
  • Inactive, less opportunity to get promotion, people come and go.
  • Unfortunately the like is countered predominantly by the lack of activity from other members which can cause additional stress on those that are active due to having several calls and one person to answer them.
  • The activity.
  • The lack of interest of the members to get on duty. Something should be done about this.
  • The members could go on duty more and be more active with the community.

What makes you not want to get on-duty?

Some of the responses to this question included:
  • Because most likely when I get on duty I'm the only one on duty.
  • I don't enjoy responding to ten calls on my own when there's nobody online. Even if someone is, they're either AFK or not onduty.
  • I don't get on duty because there is no one RP with me in the faction and I hate patrolling around for an hour aimlessly.
These directly compare with the previous question and express the dislikes of the department members quite clearly.

Other questions included a preference of medical or fire roleplay. There was a direct split between the two sides, with three vouching for medical, three vouching for fire and the rest vouching for both with an inability to choose between the two. The other question was based on what the members want to see within the faction, with statements such as "more activity" being the only responses given.

Community Survey Results
Are you happy with the current state of the faction?

I expected this result to be a lot more negative, however nearly a third of the community are happy with the current state of the faction which takes everything into account. It gives me a boost of confidence that some of the community are indeed pleased with the current state of the faction from an external point of view regardless of the problem of inactivity.

Are you happy with the current Fire Chief?

This result was of no surprise. Around 14.15% of those who voted no simply voted no on everything with no additional comments being left, showing their express hate for the faction rather than trying to contribute productively to the progression of the faction. Regardless, those who held a genuine unhappiness for me likely held such unhappiness due to the fact that it seems as though I'm not attempting to fix the issues arising within the faction. I am. It's extremely difficult to do so in a faction based entirely on roleplay without interactions with firearms or the script much, which was one of my motivations for acquiring an interior within our ambulances.

Are you happy with the Command/High Command team?

This result was very similar to the result in our internal survey. It displays the divide within the community in terms of a stable Command or High Command team within the faction. Hopefully in the coming month this will be swiftly amended with the new appointees.

Are you happy with the quality of roleplay from the faction?

This result displays that the quality of roleplay from FD is satisfactory. Similar to the Fire Chief question, this question's negative voters simply voted no on everything just to troll and reach an immature conclusion. The purpose of this question was not to gauge how active FD was, but simply to take into account whether or not the quality (not quantity) of the faction was satisfactory. I'm happy to see such a result as it proves that we do have a faction full of capable roleplayers, we just need more of them.

Are you happy with the activity of the faction?

This result was obvious from the beginning, I'm only surprised there wasn't more negative voters here. The 9.8% who are pleased with our activity have likely seen FD as its best in the past couple of weeks but have never had more than one or two confrontations with them, however such a result does display that hope isn't entirely lost and the past week has most definitely been fulfilling for myself and my faction's motivation.

What diverts you from applying for the faction?

Some of the comments here were productive, those that weren't productive (such as "this faction is pure shit" or "FD is awful") were simply ignored due to the immaturity and delusional nature of such members of the community. Some productive comments included:
  • Haven't got time with SACSO and an illegal faction I'm RPing with.
  • While currently it is personal reasons, what made me resign when I was active was the fact that my duties usually consisted of me being the only member online and just driving around in an ambulance for an hour before waterlogging, however, during peak hours, the faction is very fun and gives you access to many diverse roleplay scenarios.
  • I enjoy medical roleplay, but not enough to go through the effort of applying and going through the application process, and don't think there's any evidence of me being in the faction prior to reinstate.
  • The roleplay seems repetitive and boring.
  • The application process is tooooo long to finalize. Generally, there are tons of steps you need to do in order to become an Academy student. Now, I understand that quality over quantity, however, I believe the fact that you usually don't find someone to take in your interview is quite dull and demotivating. For me, I personally wanted to join two times. First time, no one ever showed up to commence with my interview, the second time, two high command members clashed with their decisions. Personally, seeing two high command members clashing with totally different decisions, like one said your app is under consideration, the other said time is up despite the fact that i applied from the start date of the opening, which was disappointing for me. As for me, I would've joined, but the recent incidents and the application duration pushes me off.
  • Already faction leading 2 factions. No time unfortunately. RP doesn't appeal to me either.
  • I'd rather join when there's a live recruitment.
  • The complete inactivity and lack of dedication.
  • Not knowing the bases to roleplay in such a faction. If an academy would be put in place. I would participate.
  • The one and only reason, being that you'd have to actually learn all that stuff, as in treating people.
  • I would love to be in it but at the moment I've alot in SACSO and the Courts to be focusing on, nothing against FD. I've been in FD in the past and I enjoyed it, just right now I can't dedicate my time between three factions.
  • There are absolutely no pull factor to the faction. It's just how it is and has always been, it's the nature of FD/EMS, it's just really fucking boring and filled with people that hates their job.
  • Nothing really, but activity is a bit of a problem , being the only one online would be a massacre if there is alot of calls.
  • Too much focusing on fire and rescue.
  • Boring and repetitive RP.
All of the above comments have been taken into full consideration and will be worked on internally.

What would you personally like to see in or from FD?

Similarly, some comments were counterproductive and immature. Productive comments all focused directly on increasing activity and stabilising the Command and High Command team. Further comments included more roleplay being requested during something simple such as a broken leg. People seem to want more advanced or diverse roleplay, such as HazMat situations, and more interactions with the community in terms of server-wide events, which could definitely include fires. Finally, passive roleplay was mentioned in this section which I've personally tried to implement more and more of within the faction, and have done so successfully.

I'd like to give a warm thank you to every single person who cast aside time from their day to submit a productive response to the surveys and allow the faction to develop from their ideas. All comments will be taken into full consideration.




Throughout the month the division went through a lot of internal changes, a few guides have been implemented and there is more work to do. As many of you heard, I appointed a new Deputy Director, which is Fire Lieutenant Officer in Training Vivienne Harvey, as the previous one, Ashlynn Chadwick has resigned from the Department.

The month was pretty decent, we managed to train and certificate multiple citizens, and deputies, in Basic Life Support.

What do we offer to the public?

The Medical Licensing Division offers three (3) different types of medical licenses - Basic Life Support (BLS), Intermediate Life Support (ILS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). In terms of the process of acquiring the aforementioned licenses, there are two (2) different routes you can go down. Both of them start with filling out an Application Form in our Medical Licensing Desk which will be forwarded and reviewed for a maximum of twenty-four (24) hours but usually takes a lot shorter. During the application, you have the option as to if you wish to be trained or not, which is especially useful to those who may have been medically trained before in whatever way. We also offer two (2) types of training methods - a face to face training session at Station Eleven (11), or an online training session (( TeamSpeak )). Once you have completed a training session, you will receive an examination that you have to fill in and submit. Once submitted, your examination will be marked and the results will be sent to you. If you pass the examination, you must then pay the fee of your medical license which can be seen prior to applying in the Medical Licensing Desk.

What is our role within the Department as a division?

The Medical Licensing Division of the Red County Fire Department serves two primary purposes within San Andreas, the first is to provide our knowledge in medical treatment to the public and companies, and the second one is ensuring the proper handling of licensing applications and training.

What are our responsibilities?

The Medical Licensing Division of the Red County Fire Department is responsible for:
Managing and setting the standards for Medical Licensing, such as protocols, requirements, and so on.
Handling and processing applications in the Medical Licensing Desk.
Offering Basic Life Support (BLS), Intermediate Life Support (ILS), and Advanced Life Support (ALS) training sessions to citizens and companies within the State of San Andreas (Requirements must match).
Certifying the citizens of the State of San Andreas and companies with Basic Life Support (BLS), Intermediate Life Support (ILS), and Advanced Life Support (ALS) licenses.

How does our system work?

Inside the Medical Licensing Division, we have three different sectors;

Licensing Management - There are two (2) ranks within the Licensing Management Team which are Director of Medical Licensing and Deputy Director of Medical Licensing. The Medical Licensing Management is responsible for the environment within the division, which means they are required to ensure that the members of the division are motivated and dedicated to their specific role, and ensuring the members are aware of what they're supposed to do and why are they doing it. The Management Team are also responsible to prevent any type of issues within the division, such as keeping the organization and the protocols in place and ensuring the members within the division are following the Rules & Regulations.

Licensing Supervisors - There are two (2) ranks within the Licensing Supervisors Team which are Honorary Licensing Officer and Senior Licensing Officer. The Medical Licensing Supervisors are responsible for the regular performance by the lower ranks within the division. They are there to help both, the Management Team and the Licensing Staff. Their tasks are to ensure that the Licensing Staff are properly trained for their specific roles, providing reports of activity updates to the Medical Licensing Management Team and assisting in hiring and firing members within the division, supervisors are also required to provide feedback on Licensing Staff performance.

Licensing Staff - There are two (2) ranks within the Licensing Staff Team which are Official Licensing Officer and Probationary Licensing Officer. The Licensing Staff are tasked with the regular administrative work within the division, they are required to handle and process applications within the Medical Licensing Desk, offer training sessions to citizens and companies within the State of San Andreas and certify them after passing all the stages in the process.



I am Matthew Crawford, the divisional head of Community Relations. Recently I was appointed the leader of the division, and have been making major changes throughout. The activity within the division was not up to standards, and I've been working on fixing that. Nonetheless, the division is quickly progressing to be in a better shape then it was before. The prior leader hasn't made the best of judgements within the division, and I am trying to my fullest to undo those errors. The month of February has been a roller coaster for the Community Relations team as we have had many ups and downs. I have been trying to keep the division updated as possible. I am working on setting and creating new ways for the RCFD to communicate with the press. Throughout the upcoming months, you can expect to see a lot of events being hosted by the RCFD; a lot of parties and giveaways, many well-written articles about certain situations or events, fully planned and fun events, certain schedules that have to do with the Red County Fire Department, informational notices about the Red County Fire Department, and more to come. Community Relations is the face of the Red County Fire Department. Our main duties include organizing events, write and edit news releases and maintain friendly contacts with the public. Community Relations Division strives to raise awareness among the public about their safety and threats to either human life or the environment. We involve the people, businesses and other government organizations in events relating to the department. The Community Relations Division is also responsible for handling commendations and ride along requests from the public.



As of January 2018, the Recruitment & Training Division was placed back into action several months after being decommissioned. At this current point in time, the division is lead by myself, Fire Lieutenant OiT Vivienne Harvey, and is also managed by the entirety of the Fire Officer's and Chief Fire Officer's Team with the help of Firefighter III Iris Hammond, as well.

The Recruitment & Training Division has a substantial amount of responsibility and activities to manage throughout every drive the department hosts. It is our role to assess every application that is submitted to the Employment Office, all of which include background checks, plagiarism checks, spelling and grammatical assessments and generally verifying that all of our requirements have sufficiently been met. We then must take all successful Applicants through an interview process, where we learn more about them and their motives alongside who they are as an individual. Next comes the Fitness Test stage of the process, which is paramount as Firefighters need to be able to endure strenuous amounts of exercise and be able to hold high amounts of weight up for prolonged periods of time as well. This usually consists of multiple warm up exercises proceeded by various basic exercises before moving on to more Firefighting based exercises such as the hose drag, stair climbing and suiting up in full Turnout Gear as well. Once done, the only stages left are the academic and examination stages, both of which focus primarily on ensuring that every single member that makes it into the department know what they are doing and are fully qualified to perform such duties within the department.

Alongside training those coming in via our main Employment Process, we also manage the coaching of those who are being inducted via our new volunteer program which was introduced in early February. Such systems can already been seen in multiple departments across the United States in which a single department has been secluded to volunteering, however we've decided to include both career and volunteer firefighters and EMTs into one department to boost satisfaction of calls and increase our activity, as well as kick starting the good reputation that the department deserves. Our volunteer system is open to anybody above the age of 14 with a clean criminal record; no other requirements are expected of our volunteer applicants. You can apply at our website found here.

Contradictory to our volunteer program, the main employment process for the Red County Fire Department consists of a lot more criteria that needs to be met in order for an individual to sign up for the program. To become a full Firefighter, you must be at least 21 years of age, have a blank criminal record, possess both a valid GVL-1 and GVL-2 license and have graduated with a high school diploma.

As of recently, we have also made the decision to keep the department's recruitment permanently on an open status, meaning anyone who meets all the criteria listed is welcome to sign up at any given time. To apply for the department as a full Firefighter, visit here for more information.



Employee of the Month
The Employee of the Month award is granted to those who show extreme dedication and initiative for the department to the point where it is noticed by the Fire Officers and Chief Fire Officers, going completely above and beyond the line of duty in their service to the public. For the month of Feburary, the award has been given to Amanda Carter. Throughout the month of Feburary, Amanda Carter has shown nothing but excellence during her time in the department, with countless staying online for hours at a time when nobody else is online to assist her and yet still powering through every call she can with exceptional performance.

Exceptional Probationary Award
The Exceptional Probationary award is granted to those who display tremendous amounts of dedication to the department and show it in the field and have overall incredible performance during their probationary period. For the month of Feburary, the award has been given to:
  • Dylan Brooks
  • Amanda Carter
  • Tanaquil Snow
Throughout their probationary period, these three have displayed great dedication to the department and treated countless patients, often being forced to patrol alone due to the lack of available units and still performing well without people to guide them on patrol. Therefore, they have all three been granted the Exceptional Probationary award.



I've decided to implement an Ambulance Crew system. Similar to our company system, this allows our EMTs to make use of our newly refurbished ambulances and patrol with three or four members of the department for excellent medical scene coverage and friendship development within the department. This allows for members to consistently patrol with the same people day-in and day-out, allowing them to enjoy their shift a lot more with their friends and provide exemplary teamwork due to the already-formed bonds of all occupants of a singular ambulance crew. Hopefully this will provide an incentive to come on-duty a lot more, but if that doesn't then perhaps incentives regarding rewards for optimal and high-quality ambulance crews would allow for an incentive to form such a crew. You'll likely find an ambulance with a few members, often one paramedic with the rest being EMTs, patrolling and looking to help the public in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Be sure to interact with our employees to learn a little more about our department, we're guaranteed to be friendly and comforting with the people we serve.



The department has undergone a restructure of our ranking system. The line-up of ranks can now be found below, with a brief description of how you can obtain these ranks within a promotion.

High Command Team
Fire Chief
Deputy Chief
Excellence displayed as an Assistant Chief.

Assistant Chief
Excellence displayed as a Battalion Chief.

Fire Officers Team
Battalion Chief
At least 4 weeks as a Fire Captain, display traits of a good Fire Officer in coordination with the professionalism, creativity, independence and initiative of a High Command member.

Fire Captain
At least 4 weeks as a Fire Lieutenant, display leadership beyond that of a regular Fire Lieutenant.

Fire Lieutenant
Complete your OiT checklist as a Fire Lieutenant OiT.

Fire Lieutenant OiT
Submit an application for the promotion whenever they are available.

Non-Commissioned Team
At least 8 weeks in the department and ALS certified, excellent duty time and performance as a FF/EMT III.

Firefighter/EMT III
At least 6 weeks in the department and ILS certified, excellent duty time and performance as a FF/EMT II.

Firefighter/EMT II
At least 3 weeks in the department, excellent duty time and performance as a FF/EMT I.

Firefighter/EMT I
Pass your probationary stage.

Probationary Firefighter/EMT
Complete your necessary examination.

This new ranking structure includes a Battalion Chief, which has previously been a part of our department. It has made a return to establish a rank between a Fire Officer and the High Command team. The above requirements for promotions may be amended in the future. If that is the case, internal information will be made available. Commendations made by the public will retort in promotion progression, as well as awards and ribbons. Showing participation within large-scale events and having a good attitude, subordination, etc. are all aspects of promotions and these will not be undermined by the above requirements.



I'm extremely excited to see where the department is heading. Multiple changes are currently being worked on with every division member (and leader), Fire Officer and High Command member contributing to the department in making fundamental changes, as well as our employees striving to the best of their ability to provide exceedingly high-quality and professional services to the entirety of the public. It's time to grab FD by the horns and steer it in the right direction. I'd like to thank every contributor to this newsletter; their names have been signed subsequent to the section that they have contributed to. Raise your expectations of the RCFD. We'll meet them appropriately as an entire department, work together as a singular force and service, leave no man behind and ensure our FF/EMTs are the designated heroes and heroines of the State of San Andreas that they deserve to be honoured as. Thank you for taking the time to read over this extensive newsletter.


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